Flipping Around

This spring/summer I’ve had the most inspiring wake up call reading Creative Confidence by Tom & David Kelley. So today, I have decided to set my mind to become more proactive and creative person. After all, every day is a great day to have a first time” day!

Reading the first chapter —Flip (from designing thinking to creative confidence)— is when I realized that despite considering myself a creative person, I also have lack of confidence. I suppose my mind is set 50%/ 50%.  I’m constantly thinking that I’m good as creative but not good enough to stand out.

How can I set my mind less conscious of what people think about me and be more open to creativity? Thinking back in time when I was a child, I became fully aware of all the things I stopped doing that made me happy once. Thus, I started to visualize how I could incorporate those things in my daily routine to make it more enjoyable. One of my first solutions? I bought a mini trampoline! That’s how I work out nowadays. It’s so much fun and I feel like a kid again. Jump, jump, jump! No more boring GYM days for me!

Setting goals in creative ways has been a challenge. For that reason, I’ve begun making small but effective changes in my personal life. For example, I’m using my left hand more —I’m right-handed—to do simple tasks… writing, drawing, brushing my teeth, combing my hair, etc. It takes me double of time to complete them, but I believe being ambidextrous would be very ‘handy’ in the future.

According to the book, “David came up with a name for the transformation he was observing: ‘flipping’—changing from one state of mind to another”. (page 27)
That’s why my first post is called “flipping around” because I’m literally turning not only my fears, but also my life over.  Now I’m more open to new possibilities and regardless the outcome, I’m always gaining experiences that will help me to grow.

“You have to believe that learning and growth are possible”





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